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  • Perfect New Day

    Perfect New Day

    I tend to be easy to please.  Barring a specific stressor, I am generally content.  Even so, some days shine brighter for seemingly no reason at all. This morning, the […]

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  • Mindfulness Exercises

    Mindfulness Exercises

    Yesterday, I talked about choosing a broader perspective.  To assist in that endeavor, below are three exercises you may find effective and can be done anywhere.  While I recommend you […]

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  • Carpe Diem

    Carpe Diem

    I’m going about my morning as usual, or at least I thought I was.  Coffee, feed the cat and dog, feed myself.  I’m going through the motions a bit mechanically, […]

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  • Be All You Can Be

    Be All You Can Be

    No, I’m not suggesting you join the Army.  But I do love their slogan.  (And Nike’s, but that’s for another day.)  What does it mean to be all you can […]

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  • Healed


    We’ve been talking about lots of heavy stuff the past few days and I think it’s time to lighten the mood.  I’d like to home in on what it looks […]

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  • What comes first, the Inner Child or the Inner Adult?

    What comes first, the Inner Child or the Inner Adult?

    Well, ideally the child is father to the man, or so William Wordsworth poetically claimed.  But what happens when our lives missed the ideal trajectory?  It only makes sense, does […]

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  • Relaxation Induced Anxiety

    Relaxation Induced Anxiety

    What a cruel cosmic joke!  You’re struggling, drowning in anxiety.  Desperate for relief, you follow the advice of the sages and attempt meditation, only to fly off the handle in […]

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  • Somatization


    In my mid 20’s, I began having uncomfortable digestive issues and inexplicable fatigue.  After eating, even a small amount, my abdomen would swell to the point of having to unbutton […]

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