Butterfly taking off

Carpe Diem

Amy Lloyd

Amy supports individuals in designing and mastering their dream life and heart-led businesses in transitioning to trauma informed businesses. As a Life and Trauma Recovery Coach, she blends her passion for micro-businesses to support entrepreneurs and leaders in living more authentic and meaningful lives and growing more meaningful businesses that support their clients, patients and students holistically.

Carpe Diem - trauma recovery

I’m going about my morning as usual, or at least I thought I was.  Coffee, feed the cat and dog, feed myself.  I’m going through the motions a bit mechanically, my mind everywhere and nowhere all at once.  I was suddenly startled from my dissociative state by birdsong.

  I don’t know why the birdsong broke through, but it did, and a grateful grin broke across my face and I woke up for the first time this morning.  Retracing my steps, a little, I tell the cat and dog good morning again, this time connecting with them and feeling appreciative of their company.  I notice the colors in the room are brighter, their greyed dullness gone.  Becoming aware of my physical self, I realize I’m hungry and look over to see my untouched breakfast on the table beside me.  With renewed senses, I turn towards the birdsong and am surprised to see grey skies.  A few minutes earlier, I would have expected grey skies.  But now, seeing and feeling for the first time this morning, the lack of color is wholly unexpected.

How many mornings have we all gone through expecting grey skies?  And I mean that both literally and metaphorically.  How many days, weeks…years have we experienced as grey, dulled, numbed blah drudgery?  Ugh.  Enough.

Each day is what we make it.  Choosing to be aware of yourself in time and space, of your physical sensations, of your emotions, of the details of the world around you, can color-wash your vision into a perspective of aliveness.  I’m not talking about the rose-colored glasses of denial.  I’m talking about the rainbow-colored glasses of life, complete with its deep, nuanced visions, sounds, smells, tastes, sensations, emotions.  Being physically present to revel in this richness if a blessing in and of itself.  And one we can choose any time we like.  One we must choose every moment of every day.

This is your life.

YOUR life.

Live it.