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Trauma-Informed &
Self-Led Leadership

Hi there, I’m Amy! I’m so glad you found your way here!

Let me introduce myself…

Me in a nutshell….I enjoy reading, writing, art journaling, walking on the beach, hiking in the mountains, sunrises, sunsets…waking up and embracing each and every day. I hold deep spiritual beliefs, a passion for nature and full blown addictions to coffee and books.

If you want the long version….

I was a weird kid. 

I was empathically aware of the pain nearly every individual around me was in.  Even when I didn’t always understand why.

At the same time, I was also dealing with chronic health issues, child abuse, sex abuse, poverty….eventually, abusive relationships, single motherhood, raising a special needs child with no support…I know a thing or two about overcoming. 

Eventually, my rebelliousness kicked in full strength, saying, “Screw that!  I have dreams and plans and a full life to live.”  And I found a way.

It is my vision that every individual realizes their own potential so that collectively we may transform our world into the magical place
of endless possibilities I know it to be.

Let’s Work Together

Once I learned the deep connections between the physical and emotional and spiritual, and the valuable lessons they were teaching me, I learned to identify and meet my needs, which has helped ease and manage my physical symptoms, emotional symptoms and my life.

Knowledge is power and I leveraged my power to build the life I’d dream of as a kid.  After years of my own work and walking along many others in their journeys, I’ve created systems and methods to help you identify and achieve your Big Dreams so you can live your Big Life. 

My passion is helping others on their journey to rebelliously healing their hurts and building their dreams.  I have walked the walk and I am so excited to now teach you to overcome, to triumph, to live your meaningful and joyful life.

I offer coaching and a Complex Trauma Training to help you live your meaningful and joyful life.

Journey to Your Big Why

We all have a deep core cause that we exist to live and propagate, whether we realize it or not.     

We all want to ‘be’ good.  We’re taught to do that by following what others say is in our best interest and to not listen too closely to that gentle nagging we occasionally hear.  We rationalize those serendipitous moments when we feel a connection to something more than ourselves.  We learn to think with our heads, not our hearts.

That’s the majority. 

Not only are they doing what they’re told is the plan for success but it just so happens to be the path of least resistance.  We are biologically programmed to follow the path of least resistance; to conserve our energy to escape that proverbial lion on the savanna.  Biologically and culturally, they’re doing all the right things. 

Or are they?

Some are a bit more aware of their cause, though it’s still so vague they can’t actually articulate it.  This shows up as a drive you may feel little control over.  You go against the status quo, often to your detriment, yet cannot just make yourself ‘behave’.  You just can’t buy into all the stuff your parents, peers and culture pressure you into and you also can’t figure out why.  Perhaps, you proudly identify as a rebel.  Likely, you flit from cause to cause to cause.  That drive pushes you towards something different…something more.  But these end up being phases.  You’re throwing spaghetti, hoping something will stick and give your drive direction.

Journey to Your Big Why

Your Big Why

Then there are those blessed few who realize their own deep core cause.  The name and face behind that drive.  The something different…the something more…the direction they’ve waited for their whole life. 

And it is glorious!

We all go through the majority phase, just like we all learn to crawl, walk, run. 

Many of us go through the Rebel Without A Cause phase, just like many of us learn to fly with our ingenious inventions of hang gliders and planes.

How many of us learn to transcend…to step off the hamster wheel and design a different way of being?

How many tap into their deep core cause – their Big Why and design a meaningful and joyful life?

Ascension Wellness exists to help you along your journey to discovering your Big Why so that you may realize your potential and step into that magical place of endless possibility.

Join me in my audacious goal…

Start living your Big Why to become the self-led leader you were meant to be!

Every Person is Different…
I Am Here to Help You Uncover Your Strengths, Strip Away the Trauma Lenses, and Honor All the Parts of You.

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