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Energy Healing for Trauma Recovery

Tuning Into Healing_ A Journey Through Energy, Trauma, and the Power of Resonance - trauma recovery

Discovering Energy Healing

As a wanna-be polymath, I’m a tad bit hooked on learning.  My brain is an insatiable sponge, craving more knowledge, with a child-like curiosity to understand and know truth.  As I look in the rearview mirror , I marvel at the incredible journey of self-discovery and healing I’ve undertaken. It’s been a time filled with exploration, learning, and profound shifts in perspective. One of the most transformative aspects of my journey has been delving into the world of energy healing, particularly through the use of tuning forks. It’s led me to some fascinating understandings of trauma, energy healing, and the profound impact of the Law of Resonance.


Energy Healing with Tuning Forks
Energy Healing with Tuning Forks


Understanding Trauma as a Nervous System Experience

As a Holistic Life, Career, and Executive Coach, and especially as a Trauma Recovery Coach and Trauma Educator, my approach to healing has evolved beyond the purely cognitive. I’ve integrated somatic (body) work and awareness, recognizing that trauma is fundamentally a nervous system experience. The classic fight, flight, or freeze response encapsulates the essence of trauma – a heightened state of alertness where the question “Am I safe?” echoes throughout our being. When the system perceives a threat, emotions can sometimes become frozen in the body, awaiting release and resolution.


The Multifaceted Approach to Healing

While my coaching foundation is cognitive, I’ve intuited the need for a more holistic approach. Guiding clients to feel safe in their bodies, connect with body wisdom, and trust themselves has become a crucial aspect of my practice. However, my exploration didn’t stop there. Regular research and a commitment to ongoing learning led me to a groundbreaking discovery – the world of energy healing. From there I’ve researched and experimented with various modalities and have worked with various types of energy healers.  A particular tool I’ve played with and had mind blowing success with, is tuning forks.


The Power of Tuning Forks: A Paradigm Shift

Exploring the Metrics of Human Consciousness by Richard Barrett opened my eyes to the energetic focus that transcends our culture’s physical emphasis. This realization propelled me into the realm of tuning forks along a circuitous route, and the impact has been nothing short of revolutionary. Tuning forks, with their specific frequencies, have become a powerful tool in cutting through energetic clutter and facilitating access to emotions ready to be processed.  Eileen McKusick as a leading authority on tuning fork healing,  and offers many curated recordings that guide you through energy healing sessions.


Law of Resonance: Unveiling the Energetic Blueprint

The Law of Resonance became a guiding principle in my journey. It posits that the frequency of our thoughts, emotions, and experiences attracts similar energies in the external world. Armed with this understanding, I delved deeper into the vibrational nature of tuning forks. For instance, as I tuned my root chakra – responsible for feelings of safety and security – the corresponding vibration encouraged balance and alignment. The Law of Resonance, in action, demonstrated that tending to one aspect of our energetic being could catalyze positive shifts in others.


Results Beyond Words: A Personal Testimony

The impact of tuning forks on my personal healing journey has been nothing short of mind-blowing. When I found myself facing earth-shattering news, I put my knowledge and skills to the test. Tuning twice a day became a lifeline, allowing me to release stuck energy and approach healing from a grounded, whole place. The stark contrast in how I handled the situation – with clarity and resilience instead of spiraling into insomnia and panic – is a testament to the transformative power of energy healing.


Embarking on Your Own Journey

If you’re ready to experience the difference for yourself, here are a few options to dip your toes into the realm of energy healing:

  1. Listen to Solfeggio Frequencies on YouTube: Explore the healing tones associated with Solfeggio frequencies, known for their positive effects on mind and body.
  2. Listen to Singing Bowls: Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of singing bowls, tapping into their vibrational therapy for relaxation and healing.
  3. Learn About the Chakra System: Understand the seven major energy centers in the body and how balancing them can contribute to overall well-being.
  4. Think in Terms of Energy: Shift your perspective to view everything as an energetic wave. Consider how your thoughts and emotions impact the energetic flow within and around you.


Now It’s Your Turn

I invite you to embark on your own journey of energetic exploration and healing. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a curious newcomer, the world of energy healing and tuning forks holds the potential for profound transformation.  Check out my article on Healing Your Energy Body for more resources to explore right away. Embrace the Law of Resonance, tune into the frequencies that resonate with your being, and witness the incredible shifts that unfold as you navigate the intricate landscape of your multi-bodied existence.


Amy Lloyd

Amy supports emerging individuals in designing and mastering their dream life as Self-led souls on heart-led missions. As a Holistic Life, Career and Executive Coach, a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach and an Accredited Trauma Instructor, Amy supports ambitious lovers of life, entrepreneurs and other big dreamers in living more authentic and meaningful lives by safely navigating the unforeseen obstacles of self-discovery.