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Peter Levine on Trauma and Somatic Experiencing

Amy Lloyd

Amy supports individuals in designing and mastering their dream life and heart-led businesses in transitioning to trauma informed businesses. As a Life and Trauma Recovery Coach, she blends her passion for micro-businesses to support entrepreneurs and leaders in living more authentic and meaningful lives and growing more meaningful businesses that support their clients, patients and students holistically.

Peter Levine on Trauma and Somatic Experiencing - trauma recovery

If you’re not familiar with Peter Levine, it’s time to change that.  Peter Levine created the therapeutic modality, Somatic Experiencing.  SE helps clients/patients understand, recognize and process the lingering effects of trauma in the body.  If you’ve followed my blog at all, you may notice I talk a lot about somatization, somatic writing, somatic meditation.  Last week, I made a social media post titled Coaching Through the Arts that provided an art prompt titled, Somatic Noticing.  (Click HERE for that prompt.)  I focus extensively on noticing what’s going on in the body and noticing emotions as they arise specifically because of the teachings of Peter Levine and a few others such as Bessel van der Kolk and Pete Walker.

In this short 6 minute video, Mr. Levine illustrates trauma tension that is trapped in the body.  This sort of trapped tension may lead to PTSD or CPTSD.  Learning to release the tension is paramount to your healing journey.