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My Gift To You

Amy Lloyd

Amy supports individuals in designing and mastering their dream life and heart-led businesses in transitioning to trauma informed businesses. As a Life and Trauma Recovery Coach, she blends her passion for micro-businesses to support entrepreneurs and leaders in living more authentic and meaningful lives and growing more meaningful businesses that support their clients, patients and students holistically.

Free Guide to Heal Complex Trauma 

4 Pillars Foundation Model is a small but mighty start to your journey. 

Reconnect with innate resources you may not even know are there.

You will learn:

  • What your Superpowers are and how to use them to solve problems
  • What your Internal Compass is and how to use it to make decisions
  • What your ‘process’ is and how to optimize being YOU
  • How to make strides towards balance and sustainability in life an in your healing journey

Free Guide to Heal Complex Trauma