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I am here to help you reconnect with yourself so that you may then build the life of your dreams.

Right now, you feel stuck but are ready to do the hard work to move past it; you’re ready to grow and transform; you’re curious or open to learning how to be.

Right now, you feel like you’re drowning and your life is being dictated by your struggles; that too few take you seriously; that professionals and ‘experts’ blow you off or are unable to help. 

You see life passing you by.

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Amy Lloyd

Amy supports emerging individuals in designing and mastering their dream life as Self-led souls on heart-led missions. As a Holistic Life, Career and Executive Coach, a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach and an Accredited Trauma Instructor, Amy supports ambitious lovers of life, entrepreneurs and other big dreamers in living more authentic and meaningful lives by safely navigating the unforeseen obstacles of self-discovery.