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Who’s On Your Healing Team?

Amy Lloyd

Amy supports individuals in designing and mastering their dream life and heart-led businesses in transitioning to trauma informed businesses. As a Life and Trauma Recovery Coach, she blends her passion for micro-businesses to support entrepreneurs and leaders in living more authentic and meaningful lives and growing more meaningful businesses that support their clients, patients and students holistically.

Healing is a spectrum and sometimes requires a team approach.  You may need to begin with a therapist, or even a therapist and a psychiatrist simultaneously.  As you process past trauma, you’ll notice yourself hyper focusing less and less on past grievances; you’ll have learned tools to better maintain a healthy attitude and to better weather current and future grievances.  Ultimately, you’ll be more stable.

At some point during or following therapy, you may wish to optimize your present so as to build the future you want.  You may still be waiting for that future for a variety of reasons.  Two things I see that most stall clients from obtaining their dreams are unprocessed trauma and a lack of direction.  Once you’re well underway with trauma processing, you may feel it’s time to add a team member.  A coach can not only help you clarify your dreams and goals but also design a path to get you there that will work for you.

Healing is not a linear process but more of a spiral.  As you cycle through, you may find yourself revisiting a story you thought you were done with.  Recognizing that you are now addressing deeper levels of this trauma, you may find yourself working again with a psychiatrist and/or therapist and/or coach.  That’s ok; honor where you are and meet your needs.

Where are you on your healing spiral?