Relaxation Induced Anxiety

What a cruel cosmic joke!  You’re struggling, drowning in anxiety.  Desperate for relief, you follow the advice of the sages and attempt meditation, only to fly off the handle in ever deepening anxiety.  What the heck! Before you throw in the towel on meditation, yoga and other relaxation methods, read on to find lasting relief. If you have experienced developmental trauma, PTSD, CPTSD or if you have experienced increased or triggered anxiety upon relaxing, understanding what is going on will…

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Life is Swell

Close your eyes and image you’re in the ocean, just past the breakers.  As you stand there, you feel the swells lift you up, pass around you and set you back down.  Each swell sets you down inches closer and closer to the breakers even though it feels like you’re lifted straight up and down.  Eventually, you may find the swell shoving you forward.  Or breaking on top of you and churning you like a washing machine before dumping you…

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