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Body Talk

In Peter Levine’s, In An Unspoken Voice, he refers back to Greek mythology to provide a visual of how to move through trauma. “Out of Medusa’s [fatal] wound, two mythical entities emerged:  Pegasus the winged horse and the one-eyed Chrysaor, the warrior with the golden sword.  The golden sword represents penetrating truth and clarity.  The horse is a symbol of the body and instinctual knowledge; the wings symbolize transcendence.  Together, they suggest transformation through the “living body.”  Together, these aspects…

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You Are the Company You Keep

All kids have received the lectures of choosing friends wisely; of not succumbing to peer pressure.  All parents have given those lectures.  Of course, as kids we promise we’ll never say this stuff to our kids, but we do because by then we see how our kids are being influenced by others.  How aware are we of this phenomenon in our lives as adults?  Perhaps it time to take a closer look. Humans are wired for attunement and to belong. …

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Perfect New Day

I tend to be easy to please.  Barring a specific stressor, I am generally content.  Even so, some days shine brighter for seemingly no reason at all. This morning, the dog was rushing me to get up at dark thirty.  The cat was meowing her head off, demanding breakfast earlier than usual.  After waiting, waiting, waiting, I realized I never turned on the coffeepot I was waiting for. Sounds like a set up for a pretty rough day, huh?  So…

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Mindfulness Exercises

Yesterday, I talked about choosing a broader perspective.  To assist in that endeavor, below are three exercises you may find effective and can be done anywhere.  While I recommend you explore each of them, you may find that one resonates with you more than the others. Each exercise can be as long or as short as you choose.  While longer is better, even a 2-5 minute exercise can quite effectively ground you.  While I prefer and suggest these exercises outdoors…

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Carpe Diem

I’m going about my morning as usual, or at least I thought I was.  Coffee, feed the cat and dog, feed myself.  I’m going through the motions a bit mechanically, my mind everywhere and nowhere all at once.  I was suddenly startled from my dissociative state by birdsong.   I don’t know why the birdsong broke through, but it did, and a grateful grin broke across my face and I woke up for the first time this morning.  Retracing my…

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What comes first, the Inner Child or the Inner Adult?

Well, ideally the child is father to the man, or so William Wordsworth poetically claimed.  But what happens when our lives missed the ideal trajectory?  It only makes sense, does it not, to explore inner child work.  Start at the beginning, if you will.  But who is parenting that child?  Hmmm. You’ve likely heard of your ‘inner child’ or parts work.  While mother culture snides and sneers at such fruit loop notions, for many of us, this notion explains everything.…

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Life is Swell

Close your eyes and image you’re in the ocean, just past the breakers.  As you stand there, you feel the swells lift you up, pass around you and set you back down.  Each swell sets you down inches closer and closer to the breakers even though it feels like you’re lifted straight up and down.  Eventually, you may find the swell shoving you forward.  Or breaking on top of you and churning you like a washing machine before dumping you…

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Mind Shift, Part 4 of 4

Life of Ease   Over the past three weeks, you have worked hard and learned a lot!  This week, you’ll learn to cut yourself some slack and breath easy in serenity.             Credo 4  The Serenity Prayer God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference. The key here is in the last line.  Honestly, you cannot…

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Mind Shift, Part 3 of 4

Ready for A Sweet Reward?   You’ve spend the past couple weeks laughing over spilled milk and fantasizing about your worse-case scenarios.  By now, you may be feeling a bit stretched.  Maybe a little rattled.  Perspective work is hard work!  Hang in there; it gets easier.  I promise. This week may offer a bit of relief.  While this is still perspective work, complete with it’s own challenges, it’s also an uplifting exercise.  This is where you take your power back.  You…

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Mind Shift, Part 2 of 4

Learning to Laugh I wonder how last week went for you.  Were you able to laugh over the spilled milk of life?  Chances are you’re still working on it.  That’s OK.  Life is and always will a work in process.  We are continually growing, expanding, tweaking, changing directions.  Our life is one long scientific experiment.  But this is also what keeps us on our toes and makes life so interesting, is it not?   Last week we talked about your assistant…

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