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How Do You Define ‘American’?

I wrote a whole blog post related to Independence Day.  Because from a marketing perspective, that’s what you’re supposed to do.  Align your messaging to current events and holidays.  As my gut churned in protest, I hit delete.  And here we are. I was the rebellious kid who, even in kindergarten, refused to say the pledge of allegiance.  While I didn’t have the words to explain my discomfort, I instinctively felt that something was off.  I was especially confused as…

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Pandemic Brain, Police Brutality Protests – These Are Fear Driven Times: Part I

  We are living in fearful times As I write this, the US pandemic death total is 109, 901.  As of June 4th, 421 US citizens have been murdered by police in 2020. The majority of pandemic deaths were completely preventable.  We saw this coming yet collectively chose to continue to allow international travel, interstate travel, gatherings and basically continue with business as usual like ostriches with our heads in the sand. Every single police murder is inexcusable.  Period. This…

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