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What is trauma?

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Trauma is a function of the autonomic nervous system. When an individual feels overwhelmed and
powerless to enact change in the moment, a trauma wound may be created.

Of course, abuse has a high likelihood of creating a trauma wound. However, sustaining an abuse
(mistreatment) may or may not leave a trauma wound, just like dropping something heavy on your foot
may or may not break your bone. Likewise, perfectly normal, and seemingly harmless things can create
a trauma wound. Your teacher in elementary school calling on you to read out loud is perfectly normal
and seemingly harmless yet in that moment you may be flooded with anxiety, feel put on the spot, and
have no way of getting out of the situation. This may create a trauma wound that follows you
throughout life as you avoid public speaking, speaking up in general, and pass over promotion
opportunities that would have you presenting or speaking in groups.