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What does it mean to be trauma informed?

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Trauma informed is the state of being psycho-educated in what trauma is; identifying its effects and facilitating recovery.

Folks who’ve endured emotional abuse/neglect often develop Complex PTSD and experience Implicit (Emotional) Flashbacks, though they generally do not realize it.  You may find yourself triggered, not realizing why.  You may be fine one second and the next be overwhelmed with emotion (rage; deep sadness; etc.) or you may suddenly feel inexplicably exhausted or sick or feel overwhelming pain somewhere in your body.  Has this happened to you with your spouse; co-worker; service provider; stranger? 

If the other person were trauma informed, they may likely recognize what is going on.  They would help you through the current moment until you are feeling calm and safe.  They could then help you understand it, thereby demystifying your symptoms and providing you with tools to avoid and mitigate triggers.  If the other person knows you’ve experienced trauma, they’ll help you avoid and mitigate triggers as you work together.