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What is the Complex Trauma Training?

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Complex Trauma Training is a 12 week training that teaches you what it means to be human. In this
lifechanging course, students learn what trauma is, how to recognize it in themselves and other, how
trauma hides in everyday life, including in our relationships, families, cultures and religions, how trauma
impacts every single one of us biologically, psychologically, emotionally and relationally.

Graduates are Certified Trauma Specialists who are changing how they show up for themselves, loved
ones, and colleagues, bringing this knowledge into their workplaces by engaging in trauma informed
communication, creating trauma informed policies and procedures and more effectively supporting
clients, patients and students. Parents are able support their children in knowing and honoring
themselves, increasing reliance and developing into confident and joyous individuals. Relationships are
catapulted to deep and loving levels and are built on authenticity for both individuals. Click the button
to learn how the Complex Trauma Training can support you.