The Truth About (Mis)Behavior

Your kid’s running through the store or yelling his head off indoors or being embarrassingly rude to others.  Your dog tears up a couch cushion or uses the bathroom in the house or jumps the fence every time you turn your back.  Your cat may or may not choose to use the litter box or unroll an entire roll of toilet paper or get on the kitchen counter right in front of you. You have your own behavior issues.  Maybe…

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How Poor Bedside Manners Cause Medical PTSD and How to Get Help

When most people talk about medical PTSD, they refer to long-lasting emotional trauma caused by a severe, possibly life-threatening medical issue. Patients who are forced to confront their mortality naturally have strong emotions tied to the event.  While important, this explanation doesn’t address medical trauma caused by the human-to- human element of healthcare. However, this type of PTSD can be just as impactful in someone’s life. Like many forms of PTSD, medical trauma presents itself through re-experiencing, avoidance, and hyperarousal. Without…

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Healing after Binge Eating Disorder

    ***Trigger Warning*** I’m getting super raw and real this week as I discuss my eating disorder. Proceed with caution.           My mind and body rage a war. Bang. I inhale a sub. Bang. A hamburger. Bang, Bang. A half-gallon of ice cream. Each bite, a bullet to my devastated body as if punishing myself for some unknown offense. Eating disorders is an irritating misnomer. It’s actually an emotional disorder. It’s hurtful and offensive to…

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Women’s Equality Day

If you are a woman, you know what it feels like to be treated as less than.  And if you’re a darker shade than pasty white, you’re especially know what it feels like. A lifetime of such treatment can lead to a range of issues from a lack of self-esteem and self-worth to a full blown trauma response and chronic illness.  [Before you dismiss the word ‘trauma’, most of us have experienced some form of trauma / abuse / toxic…

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5 Mindset Hacks to Living Your Big Life  

What Is A Big Life? Living Big starts with Dreaming Big.  Then living each day intentionally so that every decision takes you closer to living those dreams. What would your life look like without the obstacles you see in your way?  Would you travel?  Volunteer?  Start a wildly successful business?  What do your Big Dreams look like? What if I told you, those Big Dreams could become your Big Life, despite the obstacles?  I know because I did it.  Here’s…

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How Chronic Illness Impacts Your Daily Life and What to Do About It

Sometimes, living with a chronic illness doesn’t feel like living at all. At the end of the day, you feel held hostage by your symptoms. Whether you’re experiencing them right now, or are afraid you’ll have a flare-up later, a chronic illness can be completely debilitating. How many times are you going to be able to call in sick before your boss decides to find someone more dependable? How times can you cancel on your friends before they stop inviting…

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How Do You Define ‘American’?

I wrote a whole blog post related to Independence Day.  Because from a marketing perspective, that’s what you’re supposed to do.  Align your messaging to current events and holidays.  As my gut churned in protest, I hit delete.  And here we are. I was the rebellious kid who, even in kindergarten, refused to say the pledge of allegiance.  While I didn’t have the words to explain my discomfort, I instinctively felt that something was off.  I was especially confused as…

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Pandemic Brain, Police Brutality Protests – These Are Fear Driven Times: Part II

  Continued from June 8, 2020… I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how important self-care is at a time like this.  I would like to stress though, that your self-care is even more than just you.  You are every life you interact with, every life each of those people interact with.  You are the butterfly effect.  In today’s special edition post, we follow up from yesterday’s discussion of the havoc currently playing out with the Pandemic and police…

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Pandemic Brain, Police Brutality Protests – These Are Fear Driven Times: Part I

  We are living in fearful times As I write this, the US pandemic death total is 109, 901.  As of June 4th, 421 US citizens have been murdered by police in 2020. The majority of pandemic deaths were completely preventable.  We saw this coming yet collectively chose to continue to allow international travel, interstate travel, gatherings and basically continue with business as usual like ostriches with our heads in the sand. Every single police murder is inexcusable.  Period. This…

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