Author: Amy Lloyd

  • Relaxation Induced Anxiety

    Relaxation Induced Anxiety

    What a cruel cosmic joke!  You’re struggling, drowning in anxiety.  Desperate for relief, you follow the advice of the sages and attempt meditation, only to fly off the handle in […]

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  • Somatization


    In my mid 20’s, I began having uncomfortable digestive issues and inexplicable fatigue.  After eating, even a small amount, my abdomen would swell to the point of having to unbutton […]

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  • Triggered by a Pen

    Triggered by a Pen

    Before I had a full grasp on the scope of my situation, [READ: I didn’t know I had been an abused and neglected child.  I only knew my Mom had […]

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  • When the Voices In Your Head Escape

    When the Voices In Your Head Escape

    Do your thoughts sometimes echo eerily like Mom or Dad?  But in the worst possible way?  Do they tell you how you’re wrong, broken, and just need to be like […]

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  • Life is Swell

    Life is Swell

    Close your eyes and image you’re in the ocean, just past the breakers.  As you stand there, you feel the swells lift you up, pass around you and set you […]

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  • A Moment In The Life of….Who?

    A Moment In The Life of….Who?

    If you carry someone else’s fears and live by someone else’s values, you may find that you have lived their lives. ― Rachel Naomi Remen What is your greatest fear?  Don’t […]

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  • Mind Shift, Part 4 of 4

    Mind Shift, Part 4 of 4

    Life of Ease   Over the past three weeks, you have worked hard and learned a lot!  This week, you’ll learn to cut yourself some slack and breath easy in […]

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  • Mind Shift, Part 3 of 4

    Mind Shift, Part 3 of 4

    Ready for A Sweet Reward?   You’ve spend the past couple weeks laughing over spilled milk and fantasizing about your worse-case scenarios.  By now, you may be feeling a bit stretched.  […]

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