Ready to take the next step in life? Have new goals you want to meet? 

But you’re not sure what is holding you back?

10 Unknown Traumas

Trauma will do that to you.

 Especially when we are not aware of what is holding us down. 

When I decided to learn more about trauma,I learned that I am not broken.


In fact, what I thought of as brokenness is my body and brain’s way of keeping me safe. I learned how my body and brain works and how I can make more intentional decisions that will better support me – mind, body and spirit – so that my body doesn’t feel the need to break down.  So my mind doesn’t go foggy and so I don’t have to dip into anxiety, depression and overwhelm.  

Even as I was still learning, I began to notice some major shifts.

As I began understanding my needs better and meeting them more proactively and in healthier ways, others in my life took note and began shifts of their own.

So what is holding you back?

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