Tag: Complex Trauma

  • Mind Shift, Part 2 of 4

    Mind Shift, Part 2 of 4

    Learning to Laugh I wonder how last week went for you.  Were you able to laugh over the spilled milk of life?  Chances are you’re still working on it.  That’s […]

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  • Mind Shift, Part 1 of 4

    Mind Shift, Part 1 of 4

    Stress No More! Do you have moments (or years) when it feels more like life is something being done to you rather than a series of incredible experiences?  It’s human […]

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  • I’m sorry.  What did you say?

    I’m sorry. What did you say?

    Active Listening As you are likely well aware, not all listening is created equally.  You may already be somewhat familiar with term Active Listening. Wikipedia defines active listening as:  the listener […]

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  • Knowledge Colored Glasses

    Knowledge Colored Glasses

    Smarty Pants Knowledge, like last week’s post about beliefs, can cloud our judgment. I grew up hearing that educated people were ‘so smart they’re stupid’. It seems that phrase was […]

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  • Belief Colored Glasses

    Belief Colored Glasses

    Belief Awareness What are your beliefs?  Can you even identify them?  How are they impacting your life and driving your decisions?   Beliefs can cloud your judgment. We tend to predict […]

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  • Avoiding False Hope Syndrome

    Avoiding False Hope Syndrome

    False Hope Syndrome: What is it and how do you avoid it? False Hope Syndrome is defined as unrealistic expectations of self change by J. Polivy. We’ve all experienced it. […]

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  • Goal Planning a.k.a. Cleaning House

    Goal Planning a.k.a. Cleaning House

    Is there something you’ve wanted to work on; a project you’d like to start? Do you have a goal, dream or at least an inkling of where you want to […]

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  • Your Dreams on Maslow

    Your Dreams on Maslow

    Hi! I’m Amy and I am so glad you found your way here. I am a mom, wife, daughter, entrepreneur, tree-hugging child of God, with a financially risky addiction to […]

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