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Perspectives:  The Newsletter That Keeps You Moving Forward.  The name says it all!  This is not your typical ‘buy my product’ newsletter.  Perspectives is broken up into 1 or 2 emails a week, each of which has real articles and resources to assist in your healing journey.  My goal is to provide continual education to help you become more trauma informed; to help you learn to self-coach; and to provide tools, tips and techniques to foster healing and thriving.  Like I said, not your typical newsletter.  Click the button to check it out for yourself.

Bonus!!!  You’ll notice the button says, ‘…and free gift’.  For signing up to receive Perspectives, you will also get a free gift, Your Guide to Understanding and Healing from Soul Crushing Emotional Trauma e-book- this is your guide to getting serious about healing.  Just my way of saying thank you and welcome to Ascension Life Coaching!

Perspectives and Free Gift!